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Professional Tree Care services in the Denham Springs area range from Removal to trimming, Stump Grinding to Planting and Cabling. We are comfortable with the largest oaks or pines, and well versed with sourcing, planting, and cabling hundreds of fresh new trees.

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You have many good reasons to choose our tree care services in Denham Springs, LA. The first reason is convenience. You can compare prices from the comfort of your home and choose the company with the best price and service rating. You will find our rating and price phenomenal compared to our competition. The second reason is quality.

Our company will take care of all of your tree care needs, from tree removal to a complete landscaping makeover if needed. We can make your home a more beautiful and appealing place, not to mention provide a safe and healthy landscape.

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Three Reasons Why Choose Denham Springs Tree Care​


Maintaining a beautiful, healthy yard doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. When it comes to tree services, homeowners often assume that affordability compromises quality.


We have the knowledge and skills to assess the health of a tree, determine if it needs pruning or removal, and provide effective solutions that meet your specific needs.


We are a fully licensed and insured professional tree service.
It protects us from any accidents or damage during the job.

Revolutionizing Your Home Landscape

When it comes to tree care, you should never attempt dangerous procedures yourself. The smart choice is to call us for our licensed services. You don’t want to end up with a big mess or a dangerous situation. You will be much better off hiring our professionals and relying on trained expertise. When you hire our professional arborists to care for a large tree, you’re getting the best value for your money. Our company’s rates are affordable, and we’ll provide you with a clear, concise estimate before anything happens.

There are so many reasons why you might need to get a tree trimmed. A large tree can become dangerous and may need to be removed or just significantly trimmed, especially with hurricanes coming through every year. When you need tree work in the Baton Rouge area, you can contact Denham Springs Tree Care to handle the process for you. Our experts will always arrive on time, do a thorough job, and will leave no trace that they were ever there. If your tree was removed, we will additionally provide stump grinding if needed.  We will always be transparent about our services before any work begins.

Denham Springs Tree Care provides numerous, affordable solutions for both residential and commercial tree care service. Our team is certified and licensed. Our services include commercial, residential, and live oak care. Our experienced team also offers an innumerable amount of consultation services to help you decide which type of service is best for your needs and budget.

Maintaining Good Tree Appearance

Tree care is about more than just maintaining the overall health and appearance of your trees. It plays a crucial role in preventing pests from infesting your precious greenery. Regular pruning, for example, removes dead or damaged branches that can attract insects and serve as an entry point for pests into the tree’s structure. Additionally, proper fertilization and watering help to keep trees strong and resilient, making them less susceptible to pest damage.

Adequate tree care also involves monitoring the health of your trees closely. By doing so, you can detect signs of pest activity early on and take appropriate action before the situation worsens. Signs such as yellowing leaves, wilting branches, or unusual spots on the bark could indicate potential pest issues. Engaging a professional arborist who specializes in tree care can provide you with expert advice on how to identify these signs and implement effective preventative measures.

Incorporating diverse species of plants around your trees can further enhance their resistance to pests. Some plant species act as natural repellents that deter pests from approaching or infesting nearby trees. For instance, planting lavender near oak trees has been found to repel certain types of moths known to cause damage to oak foliage. Careful attention to detail regarding tree care practices not only promotes the health of your individual specimens but also safeguards against potential pest invasion – providing long-lasting benefits for both you and your beloved green companions in the urban jungle.

What Is "Tree Care"?

When it comes to tree care, we often focus on the basics: watering, pruning, and protection from pests. But have you ever stopped to consider the deeper meaning behind our connection with trees? Trees are not just a beautiful addition to our landscapes; they hold a significant symbolic meaning in many cultures around the world.

In Japanese culture, for example, cherry blossom trees are revered for their fleeting beauty. The short-lived blossoms symbolize the transient nature of life and serve as a reminder to appreciate every moment. Similarly, the oak tree has long been regarded as a symbol of strength and endurance in Celtic mythology. By understanding these symbolic meanings associated with trees, we can deepen our connection with nature and gain a greater appreciation for its profound influence on our lives.

Moreover, contemplating the meaning behind caring for trees can lead us to reflect on broader themes of empathy and interconnectedness. Just as we nurture and support young saplings to grow into sturdy trees over time, so too can we extend that same compassion towards one another. In this way, tree care becomes more than just an act of physical maintenance; it becomes an embodiment of our collective responsibility to foster growth and well-being within ourselves and our communities.

In conclusion, while tree care is undoubtedly important for maintaining healthy environments, it also holds a deeper significance that extends beyond physicality. By delving into the symbolic meanings associated with trees and recognizing the parallels between nurturing trees and nurturing human connections, we can cultivate a richer understanding of both ourselves and the natural world

When Should You Contact A Tree Care Provider?

Determining the best time to have a tree care service can often feel like a daunting task. However, there are certain periods throughout the year when it is most beneficial and efficient to attend to your trees’ needs. Springtime is one such prime season as it provides an ideal environment for new growth and promotes overall tree health. During this time, professional arborists can address any issues that may have arisen during the winter months and prepare your trees for the growing season ahead.

Another opportune moment to schedule a tree care service is during the fall season. As autumn approaches, trees tend to shed their leaves in preparation for the colder months. This period presents an excellent opportunity for arborists to evaluate your trees’ overall condition, prune branches, and identify any potential issues before they become more severe. By taking proactive measures in advance of those harsh winter storms, you can help protect your trees from damage caused by heavy snow or ice buildup on weak limbs.

In conclusion, while spring and fall are generally considered optimal times for tree care services, it’s important to note that every situation is unique and may require different strategies. Consulting with a professional arborist will provide you with expert guidance tailored specifically to your trees’ needs throughout various seasons. Ultimately, investing in regular maintenance will contribute not only to the health of your beloved foliage but also enhance both the aesthetic appeal and value of your property in the long run


Denham Springs Tree Care

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for the best tree service company in East Baton Rouge Parish? Regardless of the size of your property or the difficulty of the job, our team of experts can get the job done. The average cost of a tree cutting service in Baton Rouge is $500. Pricing will vary depending on the size of the tree and the amount of time it will take to complete the project. Larger trees will require more time and equipment to complete than smaller trees. We provide a wide range of tree services to meet your specific needs.

Are you searching for the best tree service in Baton Rouge, LA? Regardless of how large your property or how tough the job, our team of specialists can get the job done. Larger tree projects will require more time and effort to complete than smaller tree projects. We offer a wide variety of tree services to meet your specific needs.

We are happy to provide everything from a simple trim to a complete tree removal, including dead or dying trees. We are proud of providing the highest level of professional service and are here to help you maintain your trees for years to come. Whether you have many large trees that are overtaking your home or a small tree that’s in front of your view, we have you covered. From advising on proper and professional tree care to removing hazardous trees, we can and will meet your needs.

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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an essential aspect of tree care that should not be overlooked. By selectively removing branches, tree pruning helps improve the overall health and aesthetics of a tree. One important benefit of pruning is promoting proper air circulation and sunlight penetration through the canopy, which reduces the risk of disease and improves the tree’s ability to photosynthesize. By removing dead or dying branches, tree pruning also eliminates potential hazards, reducing the risk of falling limbs during storms or strong winds.

Another advantage of regular tree pruning is that it encourages stronger branch structure. Pruning allows for the removal of weak or poorly attached branches, reducing the likelihood of breakage during heavy snowfall or windstorms. Additionally, by shaping young trees through pruning practices such as crown thinning and training, trees can develop more balanced growth patterns. This not only enhances their appearance but also ensures longevity by minimizing structural problems later in life.

In conclusion, tree pruning is an invaluable part of tree care that offers a multitude of benefits for both the health and longevity of trees as well as safety concerns. From promoting better air circulation to strengthening branch structure, consistent and well-executed pruning practices can greatly enhance a tree’s overall vitality. Therefore, investing in professional arboricultural services for regular tree pruning should be seen as a long-term investment in maintaining healthy and beautiful landscapes.


When it comes to tree care, proper fertilization plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and vitality of our leafy friends. Fertilizers provide essential nutrients that trees need for optimal growth and development. However, not all fertilizers are created equal, and it’s important to choose the right one for your specific tree species.

Organic fertilizers are an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious gardeners. They release nutrients slowly over time, providing a sustainable source of nourishment for your trees without harming the surrounding ecosystem. On the other hand, chemical fertilizers offer immediate nutrition but can have harmful effects when used excessively or inappropriately, leading to water pollution and root burn.

The application of fertilizer is equally important as selecting the right type. For mature trees, spreading the fertilizer evenly around the drip line helps ensure even distribution of nutrients throughout its root system. Younger saplings may require less frequent applications and lower amounts due to their smaller size.

By carefully considering both the type and application method of fertilizer, we can enhance our tree care practices while minimizing environmental impact. Remember that trees are living organisms deserving of our utmost attention and care – choosing organic options where possible will undoubtedly contribute positively to their overall well-being.

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Call us today! There is no job too big for Denham Springs Tree Care professionals to take care of for you. We have years of experience working through the trials and beauty of south Louisiana trees. We know Louisiana species and we love to work with them, whether is tree trimming or tree removal. We promise, that whatever your project or concern, we have likely seen and dealt with it before. 

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